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We’ve been hearing from a lot of restaurants in Santa Fe that the patrons are getting them in trouble and causing issues for their staff by not being aware of what being in Turquoise actually means/changes for the restaurants. In an effort to help keep these restaurants open and their staff from having to deal with uneducated patrons, I am sharing this here.

As of today, these are the two documents the state requires restaurants to follow. (Page 8 section G details turquoise)

That means every time y’all are out refusing to abide by the 6 people to a table rule (see above page and section in the PHO), or take your pets to a patio because “I wanna”, the restaurant is in danger of being fined and possibly shut down, because they are technically violating the law by YOU not doing what you as a patron are required to do.

If you think people are not reporting the establishments that are violating the current PHO – you’re wrong.

If you think the relevant parties and agencies can’t see your posts, on Facebook and other social media sites, discussing all the places that have “allowed” you to break the current PHO – you’re wrong.

Restaurants did not make these rules. They do not necessarily even agree with them. But they are absolutely assuming all the risk when YOU as a patron do not follow them. And please please please stop being combative when told by restaurant staff that your “understanding of” or “personal interpretation of” these rules is incorrect.

If you absolutely have to have more than 6 people at your table, please get take out and eat at home so YOU can assume all the risk.

If you absolutely have to have your new puppy with you when you eat, please get delivery and eat at home so YOU can assume all the risk.

The restaurants absolutely need your support, but not in this back handed “you have to allow me to break the rules you’re required by law to follow to stay open, because I wanna, if you want my business.” If you don’t agree with the PHO – cool. If you don’t like the rules – cool. If you think Covid is a hoax – cool. But the restaurants are not your personal soap box to demonstrate your desire to stick it to the Governor. The only people you’re sticking it to when you are poorly behaved patrons, is the restaurants and their staff.

Before you go out to eat, please take a moment to educate yourself on how to be a decent patron and not a potential problem. The restaurants need to stay open – and they need your help to do it!

Many thanks!

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