Santa Fe is well known for its design and architecture and this article shares 18 of the best that you need to explore. How many have you visited? Let us know in the comments below.

A Street Scene from Santa Fe New Mexico

The 18 best things to do in Santa Fe if you love design — The oldest capital in the U.S. has plenty to offer

“Though it may be small, the city of Santa Fe knows how to make an impression. Recognized as the oldest capital in the U.S., its sweet Spanish chapels, distinct adobe homes, and historic government buildings are all testaments to that rich history.

Perhaps most importantly for visitors is Santa Fe’s walkability: The city, which began as a Spanish settlement some 400 years ago, is brimming with museums, houses of worship, markets, and other attractions that visitors can get to on foot. Start at the Plaza, and work your way east along Canyon Road, which is sandwiched by the delightful Santa Fe River Park and the acequia madre. Maybe it’s the concentration of important museums, or maybe it’s all that history—the oldest church, and the oldest house in America are both found here—but Santa Fe has a way of inspiring creativity.”

Click the link below to explore a few of the best places for design lovers to explore in Santa Fe!

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